Swiss ISMRM Chapter

An ISMRM Switzerland Chapter?? It does not exist (yet).

Switzerland has one of the largest densities of MRI scanners in the world and it hosts internationally renowned research groups. The creation of a Swiss Chapter of the ISMRM brings many benefits: It will provide continuing education, networking opportunities and local representation for members who are not always able to come to the ISMRM Annual Meeting. Also, there is an advantage to address local issues that are otherwise not easy to address, and to start new collaborations.

To create an ISMRM Chapter, a proposal should be submitted to the Chapters Committee, which should contain the following:

  • A petition of at least 25 Members of the Society in good standing, of whom at least 15 are Full Members;
  • A plan for governance, with verification that all proposal chapter leadership are current ISMRM members; 
  • A program outline and functions for first three (3) years of operation;
  • A budget with explanation of the extent of the Chapter’s intended fundraising activities, if any.

If you support the idea of creating a Swiss ISMRM Chapter, get in touch!